2 Comments Logo Lift – 5 Signs Your Logo Needs a Facelift

  1. Geoff

    Sometimes it also helps to have a logo that’s readable or explains the type of business. For brands that aren’t established (like a lot of small businesses), a fancy logo alone doesn’t desribe the business enough.

    For example, if you owned John’s Plumbing, a stylish “JP” on the side of your truck maybe fancy, but doesn’t do enough to help drive business. Throw in an image of plumber or the word “Plumbing” and now you have a moving advertisement. Too many businesses are trying the stylish logo route, forgetting to use the opportunity to help advertise.

  2. RudeeG

    A logo makes a statement about your company. The most important thing to keep in mind is the number of colors you in logo. If you decide to put your logo on a promotional product, normally one color is included and additional colors incur additional setup fees and running charges. It is best to keep your logo to 2 colors or less


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