3 Proven Growth Strategies for Law Firms in 2017

Law firms need to stay at the forefront of marketing to expand and grow. And the rules keep changing every year. Software is an integral part of a law firm’s marketing campaign, and there’s a lot new and established firms can do in 2017 to expand their reach, bring in new clients and make more money.

Law firm growth

Your firm can implement the right strategies today to help spur growth tomorrow.

1. Referral Tracking Via CRM Solutions

If your firm is still using Excel to categorize your leads and clients, you’re doing it wrong. It’s time to step into the world of an all-in-one CRM and client intake solution that allows you to properly track:

  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Conversion rates
  • Lead sources

Lexicata offers an all-in-one solution that also incorporates intake forms, automatic email reminders, status updates, engagement letters and so much more. There are plenty of solutions to pick from, too, including:

Modern law firms can use these robust solutions to manage their practice, produce reports and keep a close eye on their customer relationships. You can even add notes and information to ensure that you know everything about a client when they contact you again.

The solution you choose may integrate seamlessly across leading platforms and applications, too, allowing for a robust solution to manage your firm on-the-go or in the office.

And when proper referral and lead tracking are in place, a firm can spend more advertising dollars on what works and less on marketing strategies that are not producing conversions. It’s the perfect organizational tool to help a firm grow and meet the customer service needs of their clients.

2. Email Marketing to Generate New Leads

Email marketing is not new, but a lot of law firms don’t know how to properly implement email marketing and utilize their lists. When you have an email marketing list, you can leverage it to drum up new business and get referrals, too.

A list can be segmented, and this allows for a personalized message to be sent to different groups of people.

Your lists may be broken down into:

  • Potential leads
  • Current clients
  • Past clients
  • Other professionals

Sending a targeted email to each list may be beneficial to your law firm when done on a monthly basis. A good example of this may be:

  • An information rich email sent to potential leads.
  • Information that current clients can read to ease their mind during a case.
  • A questionnaire or link to review sites sent to past clients.
  • A professional email sent to professionals who may need contract help or consultation.

Industry news, latest industry gossip or even content from your blog can be used as content for your email marketing. Firms that have won a big case may also update their subscribers on the latest proceedings.

You can capture emails and subscribers via:

  • Webinars
  • Free e-book giveaways
  • Blogging
  • Case studies

If you have valuable information or content, you can request someone subscribe to your mailing list to receive the information.

It’s a win-win for all parties.

Creating marketing strategy

3. Follow the Trends and Implement New Strategies

Small law firms will need to implement a DIY approach if they can’t afford the services of a seasoned search engine optimization specialist. A few trends that will dictate the success of law firms this year are:

  • Long Form Content: Those 300 word pieces of content need to go. Build trust, write legitimate content. Don’t use fluff to fill up an imaginary word count goal, but do expand on ideas and leave no question unanswered.
  • Charity Campaigns: Law firms are engaging in social media charity campaigns and offline charity events, too. Choose a campaign you’re passionate about, go local and build your brand’s recognition.
  • Video Content: Online content is more than just text. Video content is booming, and it helps to connect a firm with potential leads on a personal basis. Response videos, webinars and other forms of live streaming need to be explored.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: CRO is an important step in every professional service’s growth strategy. Through CRO, a firm is able to leverage their current marketing strategies and reach higher profits through converting leads at a higher ratio.

Reviews must also become a priority. Leverage current clients by asking them to review your firm in a follow-up email after a consultation or after service is rendered. Clients are very receptive to leaving reviews if you simply ask for them to leave a review.


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