5 Reasons Why Keeping Your CSRs Happy is Important

If you are in a position where you generally hire people and enable them to earn a source of income, it is also very important that you put effort into keeping these employees happy as well, and this includes putting in additional effort in order to make sure this is so.

Customer Support Representative (CSR)

If you have customer support representatives it is even more important that you put some effort into keeping them happy. Here are some reasons why this is so important:

#1 Their Mood Affects Tone

A customer service representative who is not happy with the way things are going down is going to have a tough time modulating their tone and making it so that customers feel comfortable talking to them. Indeed, chances are that they are going to end up being short with customers, because a lack of satisfaction in the workplace is going to make it difficult for them to pretend to care about what customers have to say. The poor tone is probably going to end up causing a bunch of problems that could be avoided if you would just keep your customers as happy as possible.

#2 Apathy Leads to Lack of Investment

If you want your CSRs to truly provide excellent customer support, you are going to have to make it so that they are invested in the work that they are doing so that they can chase lead and also proactively try to ensure that the needs of the customer are met. The fact of the matter is that the less satisfied your CSRs are with the job that they have, the less likely they are going to be to be committed to ensuring that they do it as well as possible.

#3 Retention is Cheaper Than Hiring

You may think that if you end up losing CSRs because of the fact that they are not able to handle the pressure of working or are just generally unhappy with the way things are working out in your office, you are going to be able to easily hire other CSRs to take their place.

However, things are not quite as easy as all that.

Keeping the CSRs that you have is going to be a great deal easier than hiring new ones because of the fact that new ones are going to require training which of course costs money and there is also the fact that the learning curve will apply to each new employee whose mistakes during this curve are also going to end up costing you a fair amount of money.

#4 Boosts Morale

When your CSRs are happy, they are going to end up enjoying a much higher morale. This is important because of the fact that it can make it easier for you to help them work together as a team, since they are already going to be used to feeling good about the job that they are performing in together at any specific point in time.

#5 Leads to More Efficiency While Working

Happy CSRs are going to be more likely to get everything done in the most efficient way possible, not to mention the fact that they are going to have more prerogative to do their work in an organized manner since they are not going to want to risk a job that they are so happy in. The important thing to remember is that when you keep your CSRs happy, you give them a reason to want to keep working for you and this is going to help make them a lot more loyal to you overall.

Keeping CSRs happy can be very tricky because you are obviously going to have to get the job done as well. One thing you can do in order to keep your CSRs happy is to look into using a customer support software to reduce their work load and allow them to have an easier time of handling the various responsibilities that are on their plate. Kayako offers a customer service app that can get this done very well indeed, helping you keep your CSRs as happy as possible.


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