7 Great Marketing Solutions for Every Business Owner

Essentially, marketing is the whole process of attracting and influencing potential clients and customers. It is worth noting that, marketing is a “process.” Ideally, the terminology “marketing,” covers numerous activities and tasks associated with selling the services or products. The most obvious of these activities is the advertising of products.

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Product design and consumer research are also instrumental facets of marketing. Consumer research involves matching products or services to the consumers’ needs. Product design is, particularly, a rather complicated but crucial facet of effective marketing.

The significance of Marketing Solutions and Strategies in Business Growth

A fundamental question asked by a majority of small business owners is, why and how marketing strategies are effective in business growth. The straight-forward and blatant answer to this question is that an effective marketing approach addresses existing challenges in business and outlines the possible ways through which a business can improve.

Effective marketing strategies audit the business’s message and brand. Nevertheless, marketing is never limited to only the branding of the business. The strategy entails both the analysis of the big picture and the analysis of the fine details such as the marketing channels that are specifically and specially tailored for that particular market, industry, for instance, adtech, and budget.

7 Marketing Solutions for Every Business Owner

Marketing is the most effective technique for a business to get more clients and give their business more exposure to a wider client base. As owners of small businesses understand, wearing many hats is the only way to keep their business afloat. The shortcoming of this requirement, however, is that it can get complicated and tedious to cram all the business operations in a single day. Additionally, having only one individual to run and execute customer service, financials, marketing and production is a recipe for disaster.

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Outlined below are the most effective and inexpensive strategies for marketing that a business can apply to save more time and money in running their operations

1. Using Automation Tools for Marketing

The most effective way of beating the limitation of time is by automating most of the business processes. Marketing is, especially, the ripest business operation for automation. The key element for success in using this strategy is by acquiring a tool that can perform fast on numerous marketing components concurrently.

2. Capitalizing on the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is, undoubtedly, a very powerful and low-cost way of marketing one’s business. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook, is helpful in gaining more business traction and exposure. A strong presence on these platforms is a surefire way of reaching a wider client base, not only in the business’s geographic location but also internationally. An online presence will certainly increase the business’s sales.

3. Relying on Content Marketing

As the owner of a small business, it is almost compulsory to create an official website for the company. Building an operational and working website involves constantly creating valuable and relevant content which gives the business an opportunity to drive more traffic and subsequently convert it into sales. The website could include content such as proposals, webinars, and blog posts, so as to strengthen the company’s online presence. Additionally, strategically promoting the content can create a great impact on the venture.

4. Maximizing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a Stronger Online Presence

Getting a good ranking on search engines needs using well-researched information on publishing and marketing commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is instrumental in staying relevant online, especially on the local level.

A majority of users only check the results on the first page of the search engine when seeking information; some look at the knowledge panel on the page of Google Search results. The websites with more visibility (those that rank at the top of the search engine results) experience more visits. Those websites that are listed on the pages after the first one have fewer visibility and consequently, fewer visits.

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5. Creating Sharing Incentives

It can motivate users to share the info regarding business’s products or services. The sharing incentive can be simple, like offering discounted options to customers if they refer other consumers to purchase the company’s products. Nevertheless, the incentive does not necessarily have to be only beneficial to the consumer. Strategies such as compassionate acts of donating to charities have proved to be an effective way of incentivizing customers.

6. Reaching out to Industry Influencers

As aforementioned, social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing one’s business. Therefore, it is helpful to use the power of influential personalities on social media platforms to promote your business.

The initial step of getting social media influencers to market one’s business is by identifying reputable personalities in the needed niche. A well-crafted proposition email is enough to get these brand influencers interested in your offer.

7. Giving Customers Brand Ambassadorial Duties

In William Arruda’s article for Forbes, he mentions three crucial steps for turning the business’s customers into brand ambassadors:

  1. Getting actively engaged;
  2. Getting enamored;
  3. Being enthusiastic.

This 3-step strategy outlines in detail how a business can reach out to its market and convert its most loyal customers into ambassadors. To say the least, this process is quite lengthy and requires one to first build a reputable brand.

The business also needs to have in place, a great risk mitigation strategy to avoid any problems that could potentially push clients away. In spite of its complexity and tediousness, using customers as brand ambassadors is the most inexpensive and reliable strategy for marketing a business.


A small business can still compete with established ones; it all boils down to the marketing of the business’s products and services. A strategic plan is invaluable to any small business with ambitions of growing. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the business’s marketing strategies more carefully since they have a considerable impact on the likelihood of the business succeeding or not.

The strategies outlined above are of great significance in growing any small and big business.


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