5 Questions and Answers About Using Balloons At Your Car Lot

Whenever you drive past a car dealership, regardless of whether it’s a dealership that sells new cars or used ones, you’ll almost always see numerous colored balloons that are tied to the cars, financing signs, and sometimes even the building itself. But if every other dealership is using balloons, then why should yours too? Do balloons really have any effect? How long do they last? What are they made out of? What else can you use them for?

Colorful balloons on car lot

These are just a few of the questions that you may have regarding car lot balloons if you are considering owning your own dealership (or if you’re just curious). To help you out, we’re going to present five common questions regarding car lot balloons and provide an in-depth response to each one.

Here are 5 questions and answers about using car lot balloons:

Question #1 – How Are Car Lot Balloons Different From Typical Balloons?

Car lot balloons are technically not called ‘car lot balloons.’ Rather, the correct term is ‘reusable balloon.’ A reusable balloon differs from a typical balloon because it’s designed to be, well, reusable. In fact, with only minimal care necessary, reusable balloons can last you for up to six months, whereas ‘regular balloons’ like you can use for parties will be lucky to only last a few days. Reusable balloons can also be used both indoors and outdoors, and often are sold in kit packages, along with balloon stands, hardware, accessories, and so on. Some reusable balloon companies will also allow you to create balloons that are custom made, with specific messages or brand logos that you request being printed on them.

Question #2 – What Are Car Lot Balloons Made Out Of?

Reusable balloons like the kinds you see on car lots are made out of a plastic material that is latex free. They typically weigh around one pound, in contrast to jumbo balloons that can weigh up to nearly a dozen pounds. The plastic that is used in reusable balloons is designed to be able to withstand far more damage than the materials on a traditional balloon can. Yes, reusable balloons can still pop, but it will require a bit more force for them to do so. They are also designed to last well in rough weather conditions such as wind, dust, rain, snow, and sleet, and they are also resistant to the UV rays of the sun as well.

Question #3 – What Can Car Lot Balloons Be Used For?

Car lot balloons can be effectively used in showrooms, corporate events, hotels, trade shows, and on cars or buildings or stands at car dealerships. Their main purpose is to attract the attention of people who are driving by. For instance, people driving by a dealership may not pay much heed to the cars that are parked outside. After all, why do they look any different from any other parking lot or parking service like Parkhound.com.au at first glance? But the fact that the colorful balloons are tied to the vehicles and flowing in the wind is a clear indicator that the cars are for sale.

Dancing balloon on car lot

Question #4 – How Long Do Car Balloons Last?

Generally expecting, you can expect car balloons to last for between three to six months until they will need to be replaced. As noted before, they are very durable and weather resistant in contrast to other kinds of balloons. The biggest enemy of car balloons is actually not rain or debris or snow, but rather drastic shifts in the temperature.

Question #5 – How Should Car Balloons Be Maintained?

Car balloons will need to be maintained if you want them to last for the full three to six months rather than replace them (which will eat into your budget). Use soap and water to wipe them down when they get dirty or soiled, and that should be the only up keep that is needed.

Using Balloons At Your Car Lot

In short, car lot balloons can be used to help promote exciting events such as a sale while not fading or popping so easily in contrast to more traditional helium balloons like we commonly use for parties. While they may not be truly necessary for a car lot, at the same time they can certainly really add to the look of your lot and signal that you have a major sale event going on.


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