Working Methods to Increase Brand Exposure with Online Video

When it comes to starting a business and growing your brand online, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, as the internet continues to make its move from desktop and laptop usage to mobile and application-based viewing, video is quickly becoming one of the most sought after methods for both brands and their audiences.

Video production process

As social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook continue to change the way people access the internet, video is now in demand more than ever before. And if you think Google is missing out on all of the action, they are. YouTube is the largest video site and search engine in the world… and it’s also owned by Google.

With so much attention on content creation and how to consume it, now is the best time to start focusing your efforts on video. Your competition is likely already attracting new audiences with video content, which means you should too.

To help get you started, here are some of the best working methods to increase brand exposure with online video.

How to Increase Brand Exposure with Online Video

When most people think about video content, they instantly shy away from the topic because they think they need to get in front of the camera. With public speaking being one of the most common fears in the world, this makes total sense.

However, that is just one tiny aspect of video content — and if you don’t want to get in front of the camera, there are plenty of other ways to create video for your audience and brand. You can head over to to know further details.

Thanks to the power of software as a solution and internet-based applications, anyone can start creating videos in a wide range of spectrums. For example, if you were to use the mysimpleshow video maker, you would have the ability to create high-quality and engaging whiteboard animation videos without ever needing to record yourself on video or through audio.

This is all possible through their drag and drop video creation tool that requires no programming or design skills. Instead, all you need to do is create a free account, select a few video theme templates and then click the corresponding images and animation you would like to add into your video. For further customization, the ability to add your own images and audio exist as well.

With this in mind, it’s always important to consider the many different types of video content that is available and knowing what works best for your audience.

Effective Ways to Boost Your Brand Image

Just as important as the video content you create, is how you are going to use it to further promote your brand and drive new leads and sales back to the business.

With our main focus here being on how to boost your brand image, there are plenty of things you will want to consider and implement as you start to adjust your focus towards video. A few recommends are:

  • Keep your videos short and sweet
  • Use keywords in your video description
  • Add a timestamp to your videos
  • Include some references and backlinks
  • Share and cite authority sources
  • Always share with your social network
  • Update and renew to keep video relevant

By implementing each of these working methods, there is no reason for your video engagement and viewership to keep growing over time. The more you continually reference, use and update your videos, the more they will be picked up by other brands or sources, which ultimately leads to better branding exposure and overall growth for your business.

Creating video content for YouTube

Video Content Usage and Industry Stats

Jumping back to the beginning of the article when we referenced the massive rise in video content creation and how it’s now being absorbed by audiences across all platforms, it’s important for us to look at some industry numbers on where, why and how this is happening.

As we can see from this latest video marketing stats report, the following is taking place in the world of online video today.

  • 91% of marketers have indicated they are happy with the ROI associated with video marketing and their performance on social media.
  • When it comes to ways in which consumers discover a brand, video is the number one method as a result of social media reach and usage.
  • Roughly 25% of consumers said they have purchased a product they’ve seen on an Instagram story video. You can get Social Runner for customers, however.
  • Of all the different ways to watch and consume video online, YouTube is still the number one platform of choice.
  • More than 85% of all businesses are using online video as a marketing tool.
  • According to YouTube, more than 70% of all YouTube video use comes from mobile devices. Additionally, 93% of Twitter video views are from mobile devices.

With more than a billion active websites on the internet today and millions of hours of new video content being added daily, it’s a never ending war to create content and get it in front of your audience. And through the power of social media and video content platforms is often the best way to accomplish this. The audience and foundation is already there, you just need to take advantage of it.

This is why it’s so important to focus on not just creating video content, but also making sure it’s growing your brand and customer loyalty in the process.

When planning your next video content and promotion campaigns, be sure to consider each of the working elements and factors laid out above. Your audience is waiting for the best video content possible, so be sure that is exactly what you give to them.


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