8 Proven Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at work

Let’s face it: ensuring maximum employee efficiency is one of the biggest concerns of many Business owners and Managers these days.

Productive employees with high morale

It is practically impossible to lead a team with different temperament and views and not have any clashes and miscommunication. All this hinders the efficiency of the employees. Needless to say, getting everyone on the same page is not a piece of cake.

So, how do you ensure optimum efficiency from the employees?

Here are 8 proven ways you need to know about how to increase productivity at work.

1. Provide your team with proper Communication apps

It does not matter whether your team is working remotely or under the same roof, having proper communication tools can help the team members to be on the same page. Although emails are the most preferred way of communication, some mails may get missed due to multiple mail threads.

There are many Instant messaging tools which are great at keeping the conversations organized and trackable. Many platforms offer file sharing and access options as well so that the team does not face problems in working together.

The point: do not only rely on emails for communication, have other tools in the list to ensure proper communication among the team.

2. Improve Employee skills with training

Small companies have a culture that involves employees wearing many hats. Increasing the productivity of employees becomes easier when they are subjected to multiple-trainings within their skill-set.

Training the employees to current industry standards not only increases their engagement but also decreases the chances of their turnover.

Employee training is also beneficial as they can equip an employee in multiple skills. This means the employee can work on different tasks on his/her plate without compromising on the quality of work.

An employee who is multi-skilled will also step up for a different job role to fill productivity gaps just in case any other employee leaves the company. Too busy to create a training program for your staff? You can turn to professional content providers to create a training curriculum tailored to your employees’ needs.

3. Offer Incentives for all Employees

Partiality in appreciation leads to a dip in the productivity of the employees. What we mean by this is hard work and talent should be appreciated irrespective of the level of the Employee.

Healthy incentives that take into consideration the contribution of an employee is one way of doing this. Other options can be offering Food Coupons, Gift Cards etc to motivate the employees.

4. Meaningful Feedback

Good Feedback doesn’t always have to be about appreciation. In fact, Feedback isn’t good if it isn’t truthful. Good feedback has to be a genuine opinion about the work which can include areas of improvement as well.

The employees should be given meaningful feedback from time to time so that they would know where to improve and how to keep going. Feedbacks should encourage the employees to become a better version of themselves. In no way, it should demotivate them because that would not help anyone.

The key is to pay attention to your body language and smiles while giving feedback to your employees. It sends out positive signals and enables the employees to take the feedback in a constructive way.

Employee appreciation

5. Prioritize Employee Respect

Employees know the difference between respecting them for work and respecting them as individuals. The employees who are highly productive are the ones who are genuinely respected and appreciated.

The key is to push the employees to express themselves in the team meetings and not to cut their opinion. As an Employer, you should always promote good ideas.

6. Provide Support to Employees

The higher management can support the employee in a number of ways but one aspect will be common every time: the employees will appreciate it a lot. This, in turn, will increase their productivity.

The idea is to genuinely connect with the employees. Support an employee when he/she is going through a difficult time. This can really boost their morale, thus increasing the output.

Support can also mean replacing an employee’s poorly functioning equipment and ensuring work-life balance.

7. Emphasize on Praise and Recognition

If an employee has accomplished something that doesn’t come easy, don’t lose the opportunity to praise them. As per a study by Forbes, recognition can actually work better than monetary benefits in most cases.

Also, be sensitive towards the employees. Some prefer public praising while others prefer a private word.

8. Leverage Team Building Activities

Due to the increased competition, business owners tend to emphasize making the clients happy and often forget that employee satisfaction is also important.

The best way to do so is by promoting team Building Activities. Such activities not only provide a break from work for the employees, but also ensure they are involved in the team activities.

Such activities also help in establishing trust, teamwork as well as improving the communication among the employees. It also makes them understand and appreciate the tasks of other employees which enhances the company culture.

The point is, the efficiency of an employee largely depends on the work culture of the company. So it’s important to come up with team-building activities that contribute towards development of happy office culture.

The best part of team building activities is that they are not only about fun. In fact, they consist of activities that push the employees to think creatively and collaborate to come up with results.

This is also the best way to understand what an employee is really about, apart from his/her professional skills.

Productive employees


In any team, be it physical or remote, there are different employees with different mindsets and nature. If you are a business owner or from higher management, you have to keep a lot of factors in mind to ensure that the employees are working efficiently.

The tips mentioned in this blog are doable and proven. They revolve around various aspects of employees and what factors affect their productivity positively and negatively.

Make sure you follow these tips to ensure increased employee efficiency.

We hope these tips were helpful!


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