Law Firms and Marketing in 2022: A Guide

Marketing a law firm effectively requires a combination of strategy, care, and consideration for the needs of modern customers in need of legal advice and representation.

Law firm marketing strategy

And in order to cultivate long-term relationships and strong leads, you’re going to need to combine modern technology with the ability to connect on an emotional level with people. But what steps can you make to achieve this in the modern world?

Get a solid plan put together

While most smaller law firms don’t have the budget that some of the larger scale companies do, that doesn’t mean there’s not an opportunity to make marketing plans and set clear goals. In other words, if you understand the fundamental needs of a client, and you can solve those needs for the people you’re aiming to snare, you can make some huge gains regardless of funds.

Technology may have made people’s expectations for answers faster than ever before, but those all-important emotions that feed those desires for information are very much the same.

Implement SEO in your long-term strategy

Search Engine Optimisation for law firms can be a solid foundation on which to build content that resolves issues and reassures clients at the same time. And by using well-researched keywords, you’ll be able to climb the search engine rankings to obtain better brand recognition and the perception of being the absolute best in your respective fields.

Maximising the amount of organic traffic you get is key to staying afloat in a competitive market, and if you aren’t making the most of the information that SEO can provide you with, you can be sure that your competitors are.

As a matter of fact, law firms and SEO work with similar principles through careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and the need to continually re-assess information at your disposal.

Create a flawless user experience on your website

Attracting a potential client to click on your website is one thing, but what will they discover when they get there? As the symbol of what your business stands for and represents, a law firm’s website needs to be created with consideration for how a new client feels.

Could a stranger explore your web pages with ease? Would they find what they need in just a few clicks, or are your most important services hidden away through unnecessarily difficult avenues?

Videos, links to informative sections of your site, and a unified tone of voice across all of your content instantly reassures a webpage visitor. And for the last piece of the puzzle, don’t forget to make your mobile web pages just as useful and insightful. Failure to do so will cause all of that hard work to be undone, as your firm may appear outdated and slow to move with the times.

Inevitably, as we move into 2023, many marketing trends will continue to come and go. But with law firms that are dedicated to maintaining a solid reputation and future success, the above hints and insights will continue to pay off in years to come.


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