7 Simple Wellness Ideas to Improve Employee Wellbeing

We all know an office can be a place of stress and anxiety. It’s easy to let our minds wander to the worst-case scenarios, but there are ways to combat that stress in the office with simple changes.


If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve employee wellbeing in your workplace, here are some simple steps you can take today:

1. Ergonomic office chairs that encourage movement

Having regular ergonomic chairs in the office is sufficient, but it is advisable to also be looking for ergonomic chairs that are designed to keep employees moving. Office Direct, an expert who supplies ergonomic chairs in East Brisbane, suggested the following tips.…

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How to Better Understand Quiet Quitting and Tackle Its Effects with Employee Tracking System

The Quiet Quitting trend started after a short video on TikTok, only to explode across the Internet and media in the past couple of weeks. This phenomenon isn’t about quitting your job, it’s more about refusing to idolize the hustle culture and being available for work 24/7.

Quiet quitting

Simply put, advocates of quiet quitting don’t want to go above and beyond at work, trying to impress their bosses with high productivity, efficiency, and performance. They want to regain the work/life balance, doing only the tasks that fit their job description within set hours.

And you, as a manager, may wonder where this strong employee reaction comes from, what the causes of this quiet rebellion are, and what you can do if the quiet quitting starts affecting your productivity and business success.…

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Possible Causes for Conflict Escalation

Conflicts are a regular occurrence that takes place in everyday life – including in the workplace. Understanding the different causes of a conflict and how it can affect our lives can help us prevent unnecessary escalation of conflicts and possible breaches of trust between our families, friends, and work relationships.

Conflict escalation

The article will explore possible causes of conflict escalation. These may be caused by personality traits, seen as defying boundaries, or motives to be valued more than others in the relationship.

Different Personal Values

Personal values are the beliefs that we have in certain areas of life. Our culture is formed by our values which can vary.…

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Lensa: A Job Search Platform That Revolutionizes Recruitment

Looking for a job feels like such a one-sided effort. You put yourself out there, but you rarely get access to the same degree of intel on your prospective employers that you, as a candidate, are obligated to provide about yourself in your resume. Lensa is here to change that.

For Hire sign

photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

Unlike other career sites on the market, Lensa approaches job search from a job seeker perspective. This approach optimizes job searches that match the individual as well as revolutionizes recruitment.

Signing In

The first thing you are going to do, aside from knowing your career goals, is you’re going to go to the Lensa website and sign in.…

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MBA or MSBA: Which is Best for You?

The world-famous Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree had surprisingly humble origins in its birthplace, the US. Arising in the early 20th century at a time when industrialization was maturing and huge corporations were forming from the smaller family businesses that were then the norm, these courses were an attempt to address a new problem – namely, the growing need to apply rational, scientific principles to the management of extraordinarily complex, large commercial organizations.

Postgraduate students

In those early days, they took the form of little more than a small number of accounting and bookkeeping courses. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and it has grown into one of the most intricate and highly valued advanced degrees among budding entrepreneurs, business managers, and enterprising people seeking credentials that can facilitate higher salaries and abundant career opportunities in the business world.…

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On-premises vs. Cloud LMS: Which One to Choose?

Nowadays, every firm is turning to eLearning for its training and development requirements. But consumers are frequently unsure about the type of LMS they should select from the plethora of companies in the market.

Using LMS platform for learning

photo credit: Ivan Samkov / Pexels

There are traditional on-premise LMS and modern cloud-based LMS. But which one should you choose for your business?

The wisest response would sound a little frustrating: “It depends on your e-learning needs.” That is why it is essential to understand your own requirements and how certain features can help your business before selecting an LMS.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because business organizations have different goals to achieve with an LMS solution.…

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The Positive Impact of Treating your Employees Fairly

Everyone working for an organization must have fallen prey to favoritism at some stage in their careers. We must have that manager who doesn’t ensure uniform opportunities for every employee or play biased games. Hence, the feeling of non-recognition could make you feel highly undervalued.

Treating employees fairly

This discriminatory treatment of employees is highly detrimental to the workforce’s efficiency and morale. Also, this workplace favoritism feels the worst as it eventually lowers employees’ productivity! This is why employers understand why treating every employee equally breeds a positive workforce and boosts company success.

So, are you looking to know some positive impact of treating your employees fairly?…

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5 Best Power BI Certification Courses You Should Know

Planning to take your Power BI skills to the next level? Wondering what to do to boost your skills? It is advisable to join the best Power BI course and pursue Microsoft Power BI certification. The Microsoft Power BI certification will help you become a professional and efficient Power BI personnel. Also, know how long it takes to learn Power BI to know the exact timeline to become a professional Power BI data analyst.

Best Power BI Certification Courses You Should Know

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Power BI certifications you should pursue in 2022. Whether you are going to learn Power BI as a beginner or you’re an experienced user, these certifications will help you gain a strong knowledge of it.…

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8 Tips to Start your Programming Career

Maybe you’re a computer science student with only three months of college left, ready to start your programming career. Or you’ve been interested in tech for some time, hoping to shift gears to a programming career.

Programming career

photo credit: Soumil Kumar / Pexels

Whether you want to become a software developer, systems analyst, or data scientist, programming jobs are poles-apart from what you learn in class. Therefore, never rely on what your school or professors taught. Instead, be responsible enough to learn essential concepts and programming languages on your own.

Setting foot in programming is not just about gaining hard skills. You also need soft skills to make it past the recruitment process and work with your teammates.…

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3 Essential Tips to Choose the Best Flight School for Airline Training 

An aviation training organization, otherwise known as a flight school, conducts the business of teaching people how to fly a plane. It can take on a variety of semblance – for instance, small, traditional flight school at a local airport using a light aircraft or those international ATOs which train pilots to conduct their recurrent training.

Pilot training

If you are passionate about flying a plane, you must begin with the research of choosing a flight school for an efficient aviation course and training. We have got you covered. Here are the tips for choosing the best flight schools for airline training.

Set Right Goals

First things first!…

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