How to Grow Your Brick and Mortar Business With Local SEO

Brick and Mortar businesses can benefit a lot from local SEO in terms of growth via local search.One study found that 46% of all google searches are looking for local information, while 97% of search engine users searched online to find local businesses, which simply means if your local SEO isn’t optimised, then your business is losing potential customers in your neighborhood.

Local SEO for brick and mortar businesses.

Local SEO is simply optimizing your business’ website in order to improve its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), increase brand awareness, traffic and leads.

Create and Optimise your Google Business Page

This is the first step into building local SEO for your business.…

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Why Brand Strategy is Important

The most successful companies in the world, including Google, Amazon, Ferrari, and Walmart, all have something in common. Everyone globally can recognize their brands and know what those names stand for.

Brand strategy

Branding strategy is basically a foundational pillar of businesses. Just presenting a unified brand message may increase your profits by more than 20%.

In fact, many companies spend millions each year to craft the best approach to the brand. But this is not the only reason businesses work with a brand strategy. Other reasons include the following:

1. Stay Focused and Create Clarity

It is simple to wander around from one idea to another with nothing substantial to guide you.…

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5 Essential Elements of a Good Corporate Video

To stay competitive in today’s aggressive business environment, a company needs to utilize all the tools available. Technology is at the top of that list. Web sites, email lists, and social media are essential to get your name out there and tell potential customers what you do and how you do it.

Video marketing production

One of the most useful advertising tools is corporate video. People enjoy watching these short films and they can serve multiple purposes if they are well made.

1. The Entertainment Factor

To catch the eye of today’s millennial customers, short, engaging videos have proven effective. This is a generation that has embraced YouTube and other video outlets for their wealth of content.…

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5 Tips For Designing Effective Promotional Materials

As thousands of businesses open every year, the need to create and use effective promotional materials is no longer seen as extras as these have become essential for growth. Effective promotional materials are a must to help you gain customers and reach your target audience.

Promotional materials

The promotional materials you’ll use can make or break the success of your business, which is why you should be careful in creating them. Instead of gaining authority and leadership in the industry, tacky-looking promotional materials will only put your business in a bad light.

Read below to achieve long-term success in the industry by following these tips to design effective promotional materials.…

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Effective Ways for Small Businesses to Engage Prospective Patrons

It’s hard to deny that this is a great time to be a consumer. Thanks to social media platforms, website chat features and texting, it’s now easier than ever for people to reach out to their favorite – and least favorite – brands. Of course, this places increased onus on many small businesses to rethink their approach to customer service.

Meeting with prospective patron

Given how many outlets consumers have to share their feedback, business owners need to be extremely mindful of the way they engage with patrons. So, if your enterprise’s customer engagement could stand to see some improvement, consider the following pointers.

Respond to Questions and Concerns in a Timely Manner

No one enjoys being kept waiting – particularly in customer service situations.…

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Why Use Yard Signs?

Yard signs are a classic informative tool used for both personal and business needs. If you’ve never considered using yard signs, you could be missing out on a valuable tool for reaching out to people. Buying your own custom lawn signs can serve many useful purposes.

Yard signs

photo credit: Michael Carruth / Unsplash

There are some ways you can make use of yard signs to bring in customers and inform the community about important information.

Five Ways To Use Yard Signs To Your Advantage

1. Advertise Services Your Provide

If you’re starting a small or at-home business, getting the word out about the goods and services you offer is very important.…

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5 Cheap Ways to Improve Marketing on Small Businesses

Marketing ideas

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process by which a corporation promotes the purchase or sale of its goods.

Promoting, distributing, and supplying things to customers directly or to other corporations are all examples of marketing. Partners perform various marketing for the corporation.

Employees in a company’s marketing and sales divisions use ads to draw the interest of major strategic customers.

Celebrities partnerships, attractive statements or logos, distinctive packages or infographics, direct calling, and total press coverage are all examples of focused advertising.

In the foreseeable future, the correct small business marketing approach will be critical for your company. It’s much less unpleasant to prepare your long-term strategy ahead of time than to improvise along the way.…

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The Benefits of LinkedIn for Melbourne-Based Business

Melbourne is home to many flourishing industries, such as information technology, direct selling, retail, professional services, and real estate. And, since the target audience is somewhat similar, the businesses are always competing against each other. In such a scenario, the strategy to entice the target audience must be three-pronged – networking, engaging and communicating.

LinkedIn for business

Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics. However, social media marketing is a challenging task to accomplish, especially if you lack the experience and expertise. For a successful campaign, you need to develop the right message and deliver it to the right audience.…

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Do You Need Expert Advice on Marketing Analytics?

Today’s workplace is the age of the expert. Businesses can employ experts on every topic under the sun, from legal experts to HR experts and yes, even marketing analytics experts.

Marketing team overviewing marketing analytics

With so many experts in the office, you may be wondering if you really need an expert consultant on your marketing analytics project.

Short Answer: Yes

This is where you are wrong. You do need an expert consultant – just not on marketing analytics.

Unless you’re working on a new product launch or relaunching your existing product, I would start off with someone more suited to write the Code of Conduct for your startup than an expert on marketing Data analytics.…

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7 Marketing Strategies to Consider in 2022

After the onset of the pandemic, it comes as no wonder that millions of businesses, especially small businesses, had to bear huge amounts of losses or even shut down.

Crafting marketing strategy

Nobody was prepared to see the world facing such a tremendous change. But now that we’re in 2021, we’ve all had a little bit of time to resume our businesses and daily work.

In case you have a business of your own and you’re thinking of how to revive or improve it, you’ve come to the right place!

Read these strategies for expanding your business and turning it into a booming one!…

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