10 Must-Know Tips for Promotional Marketing Giveaway Campaigns

When you’re looking to expand your brand’s success and visibility, marketing becomes your most valuable tool. Even for smaller businesses that have a limited marketing budget, the ease and cost-effectiveness of a quality promotional marketing campaign can be highly attractive.

Promotional giveaway campaign

photo credit: Vidal Balielo Jr. / Pexels

Before you begin your next campaign, however, there are ten must-know tips you should hear about:

1. Know Your Audience

If you do not understand the lifestyles, wants, and needs of your target audience, marketing to them can become incredibly difficult. Once you’ve done your research in this area, however, you’ll be well-equipped to pick a promotional gift that will truly expand your brand’s appeal to them.…

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What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

If you work in the Customer Experience industry and take care of what clients experience every day, you must familiarize yourself with the Contact Center concept. This cloud-based tool can serve as a quick solution for companies dealing with customer-related issues.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

When a company has to deal with plenty of customers, it’s important to find an appropriate software to process all the requests fast and give timely solutions. In terms of use and effectiveness, Contact Center as a Service should be the winning option for many companies.

CCaaS is a handy solution for businesses that don’t want to spend extra money on internal IT support.…

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Can Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Functions Go Wrong? 5 Possible Solutions

In the increasingly interconnected environment of today, outsourcing has become a widespread practice. Many firms choose to use contractors from other countries where the cost of labour is substantially lower than that of the UK, the EU or the US. Outsourcing customer support operations to Indian firms or the transfer of physical production of goods to China is deemed the new ‘status quo’ for minimising your extra costs and making your financial year results more impressive to your investors. However, this approach poses a number of serious risks that may affect both your reputation and your profitability.

Digital marketing

In this article, we will analyse 5 possible solutions to potential issues associated with outsourcing your digital marketing functions.…

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Five Ways to Improve Engagement at Your Trade Show

Trade shows are an invaluable tool for a small business to utilize. It is at a trade show where you will have the opportunity to make an impression on hundreds or thousands of potential customers. You will also have access to investors, suppliers, and distributors. There is so much potential for interaction that you want to make sure you stand out. Because even though you will have plenty of opportunities all in one space, so will your competitors.

Networking at trade shows

So, how do you stand out? What are some of the best ways to get the most out of your trade show experience?…

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Law Firms and Marketing in 2022: A Guide

Marketing a law firm effectively requires a combination of strategy, care, and consideration for the needs of modern customers in need of legal advice and representation.

Law firm marketing strategy

And in order to cultivate long-term relationships and strong leads, you’re going to need to combine modern technology with the ability to connect on an emotional level with people. But what steps can you make to achieve this in the modern world?

Get a solid plan put together

While most smaller law firms don’t have the budget that some of the larger scale companies do, that doesn’t mean there’s not an opportunity to make marketing plans and set clear goals.…

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A Marketer’s Guide To Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or have been in the industry for years, trade shows are a great way to meet new customers. However, they can also be challenging and not as profitable as they should be.

Trade show

A successful trade show marketing campaign requires careful planning and preparation; if you don’t take the right steps before exhibiting at an event, your ROI will suffer as a result.

In this guide we’ll outline some of the best ways to optimize your ROI during a trade show so that you start generating leads from day one!

1. Come up with a trade show marketing budget

Before you begin to plan your trade show, you need to know how much money you can spend on it.…

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8 Ways to Improve Real Estate Marketing to Seniors

Seniors want to make the most of their golden years. They’re looking for properties that are well-suited to their needs and interests, so it’s up to real estate agents to get them the information they need.

Real estate agent

By following these tips, you can better market your services as a real estate agent and attract more business from seniors:

1. Know their needs

The needs of seniors are very different from younger generations, and thus their marketing must reflect those differences. Seniors have a different lifestyle and priorities than younger generations, so keep this in mind when creating your marketing plan. Seniors are more likely to be homebodies instead of social butterflies, so it’s important that you know what kind of person is reading your advertisement before putting it out there for everyone else to see.…

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4 Marketing Processes to Outsource in Small Businesses

Marketing is dynamic. The rules and expectations consumers have for advertising campaigns are changing faster than ever before. What worked last year won’t cut it this year, and as a marketer, you may be struggling to keep up with the changing tides. Perhaps your marketing strategy may not be working as well as you planned.

Marketing manager

Fortunately, there are solutions to help stay on top of changing marketing trends and continue to bring in customers and revenue. To remain competitive, you must experiment and analyze your current marketing data. When you find what is and isn’t working, you can change your approach to better suit your audience’s needs.…

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How Do I Become an Expert in Email Marketing?

With around 90.3% of Americans using email and 100 million new email accounts created yearly, email marketing is a gold mine. From boosting brand awareness to creating a seamless customer journey to direct email sales with an incredible ROI of up to 4,200%, email marketing can make a difference for any business, whether online or offline.

Email marketing

Email marketing looks more than promising in 2022, but how do you harness its full potential? What knowledge and skills should you possess to join the cohort of marketing experts? Where do you start?

Read on as we address each of these questions.

What Does an Email Marketer Do?

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Why Is an Ad Tracker Important for Your Business

Regardless of size, businesses put a substantial portion of their company budget into digital advertising and marketing to make their target audience aware of their brand. Aside from spending money on these strategies, there is much time and effort involved in developing effective campaigns.


photo credit: Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura / Pexels

What happens after the launch? How do leaders know the outcome of their hard work, the reaction from the demographic, perhaps clearcut statistics or data showing the response? That is valuable feedback that goes untapped, creating massive loss from being able to use that insight and money.

More companies are taking advantage of ad tracker services like you will find with https://hyros.com

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