How to Dominate Your Local Market: A Guide for Small Businesses

Businesses took a major hit during the pandemic, with small businesses being affected the most. In fact, a whopping 34% of small businesses are still closed, and many may never reopen.

Local market analysis

As a small business owner, you likely rely on your local market to stay afloat. And this means competing with local competitors, chain stores, and online retailers to capture the attention of your customers.

To dominate your local market and boost your business, use these local marketing tips.

Use Local SEO

Today’s consumers often search online before buying, even when choosing to shop local. That means you must use SEO in your local marketing strategy.…

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Peer to Peer for Your Business

Let’s take this scenario: You own a small business and a longtime customer comes in asking for your recommendation on a good place to buy dinner. You make a recommendation on a place of business and your customer thanks you.

Peer to peer marketing

Peer-to-Peer Marketing, also abbreviated P2P, is the practice of people engaging other people through recommendations. When deciding to buy a product or service, consumers trust their friends, families, and associates over other influences

Peer-to-peer (P2P) is effective since it doesn’t feel like a sales tactic:

People who are not ‘benefiting’ wouldn’t recommend something they don’t believe in. As more and more people gravitate away from businesses that feel pushy, P2P options offer authenticity that’s priceless.…

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Is Investing in SEO Going to Pay Off in 2021 and Beyond?

The way we communicate and do business with each other is constantly evolving and when it comes to digital marketing it is clear that some SEO methods used a couple of years ago may no longer be relevant in 2021 and beyond.


Some things remain constant, such as needing to use the best link building service in order to get consistent returns from your marketing efforts by generating organic traffic.

The fundamentals remain the same. You use search engine optimization as a way of driving traffic to your site and boosting your Google ranking.

Is that investment in SEO going to continue to pay off, now and in the near future?…

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When Should a Business Outsource Its Marketing?

Most businesses handle marketing in-house. They begin with organic, grassroots campaigns and eventually scale up to more detailed (and costly) campaigns. But what if that’s the wrong way to handle it? Could outsourcing your marketing actually make more sense?

Marketing outsourcing

What is Outsourced Marketing?

Traditionally, marketing is one of those tasks that’s handled in-house. Either you hire marketing professionals and build out your own internal marketing department, or the founder works closely with one or two key employees to execute all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy. But in recent years, outsourced marketing has become quite commonplace – particularly for smaller businesses.…

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A Detailed Guide to Customer Experience Measurement

Do you keep track of your customer experience (CX)? CX measurement is complex but essential for understanding and retaining consumers.

CX measurement

Businesses can use a measurement framework that measures the overall journey of clients, certain phases, and the performance of individual touchpoints. There is a multitude of metrics to use to collect the necessary data.

A journey-based approach is vital for measuring CX and using the collected data accurately.

The guide below will introduce you to the value of such measurement and the most important metrics.

Why does it matter?

Customer experience measurement benefits businesses in various ways, as this data can improve services and products and detect operational challenges.…

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5 Must-Know SEO Concepts You Must Follow

SEO is one of the most dynamic fields, and quite unsurprisingly, the concepts and trends in the field are ever-transforming. The importance of SEO is constantly rising and with increasing competition on the online platform, employing the best techniques is essential to get the best results from any SEO campaign.

SEO benefits

Ensuring The Success Of A Brand With The Right SEO Concepts

That being said, to make any campaign a success, there are two very essential things that one has to follow. Firstly, hiring reliable, competent, and experienced professionals is fundamental for the success of a brand through proper SEO. This is where Red Search SEO in Australia can serve the SEO needs of a brand and help it establish itself on the online platform.…

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How to Choose Custom Booklet Printing Services in LA

When it’s time to print a booklet about your business or create a portfolio of your work, choosing an exemplary printing service is crucial. Quality, experience, and customizability with a printing service will help you create a custom booklet you love. But how do you choose?

Custom booklet

Photo credit: Rich Tervet / Unsplash

Keep these things in mind when you are searching for custom booklet printing services in LA.

Evaluate Custom Booklet Printing Price

The price and value of any printing service should be communicated on their website. If the price is not listed, the company should provide an option to give you a quote.…

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Technology That Can Deepen The Connection Between You And Your Customers

Some would argue that technology has pushed us to lose touch with people and our surroundings, yet strengthened our connection simultaneously. On one side of the coin, a study showed the average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone where they disconnect almost entirely from their surroundings. But, on the flipside, they could spend those hours connecting with people all over the world.

Customer relationship management

photo credit: Proxyclick Visitor Management System / Unsplash

For B2B trading, technology has only strengthened the connection between buyers and sellers – enabling businesses to connect with other brands on a more personal level through social media, as one example.…

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Effective Ways to Reduce Customer Churn

Every day, companies lose customers. The average business loses about 20% of its customer base each year. However, there are effective ways to reduce customer churn and retain as many valuable customers as possible. Here’s a look at the benefits of managing churn.

Long time customer meeting

Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

A company’s CLV is the amount of money a business expects to earn from each customer throughout their relationship together. If you can increase your average customer lifetime, then you are increasing your chance for revenue growth.

According to Harvard Business Review, you should aim for an average customer lifetime that exceeds the industry average by at least 50%.…

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Lessons in Branding: Companies Who Do Logo Design Right

Visuals are a big and important part of branding, and while many little pieces make up that brand identity, the first and most important thing is the logo. The logo is the entryway into your brand. It’s meant to be something people will know and recognize as soon as they see it.


photo credit: Lalesh Aldarwish / Pexels

When a brand has an iconic logo, it’s carries through in everything they do, from the packaging, and the website to the social media, and how people feel about interacting with it. That’s why coming up with a logo is an important part of brand design, and something that has to be taken seriously.…

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