How to Properly Understand Cyber Security Terminology?

Whether a user or an IT manager, the glossary of cyber security terms is necessary for everyone. Cybersecurity is a broad and developing profession so it has an extensive vocabulary treasure. To understand this multidisciplinary area, terms should be clearly understood. Otherwise, security concepts can be misapplied and do not provide protection.


Importance of Cyber Awareness

Technology came into our lives and even your grandfather uses a smartphone and has social media accounts. Although technology has numerous benefits, it has some downsides. Using social media, cloud apps, or services, and storing your vulnerable data online and sharing them often increases the risk of cyber damage.…

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What Are 4 Huge Cybersecurity Threats Today?

Companies lose up to $2.9 million every minute worldwide from cybercrime, according to an industry estimate. Despite many highly publicized cybercrime incidents, organizations often are caught off-guard when they face these crises.


Research reveals the cybercrime problem will only worsen as time goes on. Fortunately, there are many tools and resources available to help organizations avoid most of their cybercrime vulnerabilities.

We’d like to help you get your company ready for potential cybercrimes, so we’ve outlined some of the biggest threats today.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware crimes have been rampant in recent times. For example, it’s estimated that ransomware attacks increased 200% in 2018 alone, reaching $10.5 billion in losses.…

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4 Ways to Build a Better Cybersecurity Culture

Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. – Stephane Nappo.

Cybersecurity is a global problem that needs all hands on deck. The above quote signifies that it is a concerning matter not only for IT but for almost every industry that stores data on the web.

Cybersecurity culture

As of January 2022, there are more than 4.66 billion Internet users globally, and this number continues to grow, along with the number of cyber attacks targeted at both individuals and businesses. An Accenture study revealed that 78% of business owners believe that cybersecurity risks are increasing.

To make organizations less susceptible to attack, cybersecurity must be a top priority.…

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DDoS Attacks: Causes, Effects and How to Protect your Site

A DDoS attack is surprisingly easy to carry out and millions of websites worldwide are affected every year. And the worst news? The numbers are growing every year.

DDoS attacks

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It almost seems like a part of life these days: the more successful your website is, the more likely it is that you will be attacked at some point. But there is also good news: you can significantly reduce the chances of a successful DDoS attack on your website.

You might be wondering: what exactly is a DDoS attack? And how can I protect my website against it? In this article, we’ll explain exactly what DDoS attacks are, examine what can make your website vulnerable to them, and help you minimize the likelihood and impact of a DDoS attack.…

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Businesses Can Respond to the Fraud Threats Posed Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses in various ways. In some cases, it’s causing sales of a data breach or attack planning on the Dark Web but there are also other possible outcomes that can be quite risky for your business when sensitive information is sold online and ends up going public through hacking schemes.

Fraud threat protection

As the effects of the COVID pandemic continue to unfold, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to tackle fraud. Fraudsters are exploiting loopholes in systems and taking advantage of people’s fears during this time of crisis.

It often leads companies into bankruptcy court as well due to their inability to manage such large scale disasters from internal weaknesses within management practices.…

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Why Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever for HR Specialists

Right now, it seems like cyberattacks are on a steady rise. 2021 is already a record year when it comes to data breaches. Pinpointing only one reason behind it is impossible. However, the need for remote work opened up many opportunities for cybercriminals. The outbreak of COVID-19 allowed hackers to take advantage of remote workers and their lack of cybersecurity knowledge.

Cybersecurity issues

So how do human resources (HR) specialists fit into this? HR specialists are in charge of data that is attractive to cybercriminals, such as personal information, the list of clients, salaries, and so on. Not to forget that HR had to switch to hiring people online during the pandemic.…

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What Are the Five Elements of the NIST Compliance Framework

2020 was a terrible year for cybersecurity. According to Security Magazine, cyberattacks increased by 17% within the first three months of 2020, with more than 77% coming from targeted attacks. It’s clear that cybersecurity in America needs a complete reboot, especially because workers have started losing faith in their company’s data protection. In fact, 71% of Americans lack faith in their company’s cybersecurity measures, leading to more than 91% of companies increasing their cybersecurity budgets in 2021.

NIST framework

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With cyber compliance emerging as such a hot topic for businesses across the country, the National Institute of Standard and Technology’s Cyber Framework has emerged as a gold standard for cybersecurity.…

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8 Online Payment Security Tips for Small Business Owners

With the major transition from physical stores and buildings to Internet-based businesses, more and more clients are eager to buy products and services online. Irrespective of the size of your business, offering your customers the possibility to securely pay online is the number one way to immediately boost your sales.

Making online payment

While the perks of accepting client payments online are obvious, the potential risks associated with online transactions (and the prospect of being labeled a high-risk merchant account) can still prevent business owners from introducing this wonderfully convenient option.

As a small business owner, you realize that in case some sort of hacking occurs within your online payment system, you’re going to be fully responsible for that.…

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How to Reduce Risks in the Tech Sector

Since the arrival of the novel coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a period of revolution in the world of tech. Business has pivoted quickly to an entirely new way of doing things, with remote working, cloud storage and teleconferencing at its heart.

cybersecurity risks

And this transformation has brought with it a whole series of new risks. Phishing, malware and ransomware have all applied pressure to cyber security firms, and to the economy more broadly. The UK government estimates that the cost to the economy of cyber crime sits at around £27 billion per annum. That’s a figure which rivals some entire government departments.…

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How Digital Forensics is Important to Cyber Security

As cyber breaches continue to run riot and proliferate, governmental and non-governmental organizations continue to grapple in an attempt to find a long-lasting solution to the seemingly out-of-control menace.

Digital forensics is importants to cybersecurity

No single day passes by without an organization falling victim to a cyber-attack. According to a Clark School study of the University of Maryland, there is a cyber-breach on average every 39 seconds. Legislators are coming up with laws and policies to help curb cybercrimes from spiraling to uncontrollable levels.

Digital forensics has become a critical enforcement mechanism used to tackle cyber insecurities. As you might have realized, digital devices are quickly evolving.…

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